Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Free" sale fundraiser

The other day, we had a "free" sale. It was kind of like a huge garage sale. A bunch of people from church donated their stuff, like clothing, shoes and household item. They then set them up/organized them according to size and gender themselves the day of the sale. Then at 7 p.m.  if you wanted to come "shop", you paid $20.oo at the door and then everything was free!
I couldn't believe all the stuff that people donated! All the tables in the dining room were full:) Within 1 hour, we made over $200! It was hardly any work at all on my part. I just had 2 announcements made, put a poster up on the church bulletin board, sent a few text messages and just showed up an hour early to set up my stuff and make sure there was even stuff there! It was the first time doing this, so I didn't know what to expect. What if people didn't donate anything and tons of people showed up to garage sale?! It turned up to be the opposite, tons of clothing and only a few shoppers, but the shoppers that did come, got some great stuff, in fact, they left with a few bags FULL of stuff.
In the end, after 2 hours and 1 hour of packing everything up, we made $300 :) Not bad! Now we just have to deal with the mounds of leftover clothing. We are going to go thru them, sell the good stuff to consignment stores and have a garage sale with the rest during the "annual city wide sales" coming up town!
Kind of a fun thing to do! What do you think?


  1. That sounds like fun!...I did something similar, I had a bunch of ladies over and whoever was interested could go through all the totes of kid's clothes I had, $1 and item, it was great!

  2. It was a great way to get rid of stuff fast! Also, that was so great that you even had goodies for everyone! Thanks Barb!